Embrace the F****** word

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  1. Petra Meyer sagt:

    thanks for your post, Moritz. fully agreee to what you wrote. Just thinking if there is a REALLY bad third category of failure: when you fail without realizing you failed. In this case, not only have you been on the wrong track, but you keep going into that direction. I have seen this happen esp with high ranking managers who were not capable of reflecting on their actions.
    Our system of educating brilliant individuals had excelled on them but made them helpless in times of complexity because they were never taught how to build on ideas of others, taking back their ego.

    What’s your take on that? Happy to receive answers from anyone out there.

    • Hi Petra,

      thanks for your reply. That is very true and I think another good reason to surround yourself with people from as many different backgrounds and with as many perspectives as possible. This way maybe someone else will see, that you made a mistake and are about to fail.

      Nevertheless, I also think that by iterating your way forward and engaging with other people while doing so, you minimize the risk of not being aware of your own failures. BUT! It is very important to stay open to critical voices. Taking back your ego is a really important keyword here, I guess.

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