(Deutsch) Canvanizer – Virtuelle Post-its mit System


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  1. Florian Rustler说道:

    Dear Mr. van den Berg,

    thank you very much for your comment.
    The canvanizer site is really nice and I enjoy seeing the new developments and the new canvaces they build.

    I am also happy to read that you like our site. Currently we have not planned a Dutch version, sorry.

    I am sure that the canvanizer Team is open to talk about the PDCA template you have proposed. Just contact them at http://canvanizer.com/contact



  2. Dear ms/mr.

    This is an wunderfull tool! en want it to use it foor our students making bussinesplans en projects. We are an creative school and its perfect, complimentens. I hope you develope this site in the near future;
    – for instance create your canvas template?
    – or an PDCA cyclus template
    – an other issue is the language for dutch users?
    just last one i want to have soon?
    Can i help something to develope this PDCA
    I hope to hear from you.


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