New strategy for SME-Customers

Strategy Workshop with Bayern LB

Using the creaffective toolkit Bayern LB developed new solutions for their “Mittelstand” business unit.

The challenge prior to the Strategy Workshop

The business unit of the bank faced the challenge to develop a strategy for attracting more customers.

Approach of the Strategy Workshop

After intensive preparations the Strategy Workshop started with twelve participants from different departments. The team used the Challenge Mapping method to identify the key challenges for achieving the desired goal.
Contrary to the original assumptions, the problem of Bayern LB was not to convince potential customers of its competence and the effectiveness of its services. Instead, the starting point for improvement was one step earlier in the acquisition process with new customers.
After this strategic challenge was identified, ideas were generated using a systematic creative process. These ideas were then further developed into three concrete concepts over the course of the workshop.

Results of the Strategy Workshop

The results of the Strategy Workshop were three concepts for approaching new customers with an action plan ready for implementation.

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“The creaffective methodology provides a safe framework to get to sound results. Especially interesting was to discover that behind the obvious problem lies the real problem that we then worked on in the workshop. In practice there is otherwise the risk to develop solutions for problems that don‘t exist.”

Andreas Cludius,
Department Head Operational Service SME customers, BayernLB