Strategy Workshop

From vision to implementation

Through this facilitated Strategy Workshop you will identify key issues and challenges on the way to realizing your goals by using an approach of systematic creativity. Starting from these central points you will develop a strategy as well as concrete measures to master these challenges.

As the facilitator of this Strategy Workshop creaffective will guide you and a resource group chosen by you through a structured creative problem solving process in order to reach your goals in an efficient and effective way.

Strategy Workshop – Benefits

Through this Strategy Workshop you will clarify your key challenges and develop an innovative strategy that you can act upon.

Strategy Workshop – Elements

You find the entire process of a Strategy Workshop – from our first meeting through implementation to documentation – displayed in the following graphic.


Based on the results of the contracting meeting of the Strategy Workshop we develop a workshop process specifically tailored to your needs. This way we can ensure that you reach your goals.

Strategy Workshop – Examples of key challenges

In addition to short descriptions of some of our Strategy Workshops you will also find detailed case studies. Simply click on a case study’s box.

  • Strategy Workshop: Development of a new sales concept
    The management team of a super market chain took part in a Workshop for Strategy Development to develop a new sales approach.
  • Strategy Workshop: Strategic development for city planning
    Through a Strategy Workshop a municipal service provider developed a new process for the preparation of urban renewal projects.

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“The most exciting aspect was how we were able to develop completely new approaches to an old problem within the shortest time possible and then define the first steps towards an actual solution.”

Philip Scherenberg,
Managing Director of Die Komplizen: Mentoring für Schüler gGmbH


“The new approach to well-known questions and especially the way development of creative solutions is incentivized convinced me.
creaffective supplies imaginative ideas for possible solutions throughout the entire workshop.
Implementing the developed ideas is already showing positive results.”

Udo Mager,
Managing Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund

Strategy Workshop: Allianz

Employer Branding 2.0

In a two-day Workshop for Strategy Development the employer branding of Allianz collaborated with students to develop a new social media strategy.

Strategy Workshop: Bayern LB

Approaching customers

In a two day innovation workshop Bayern LB developed a new strategy to attract new customers for its commercial clients business.