XBIOPS® Innovation Workshop

for technical / engineering challenges

The two partners creaffective and Fraunhofer IAO offer this special innovation workshop to effectively solve technical / engineering challenges.

creaffective as a specialist for systematic creativity and innovation supports you as method and process expert to find new solutions that can be implemented in a short space of time. We support your content experts to channel and structure their knowledge in a way that new solutions can be created.

Patterns from nature, patent literature and other industries are extensive sources of ideas that can be incorporated into a structured innovation process to provide impulses for solutions. Our partner Fraunhofer IAO allows us to identify suitable similar solutions to any technical challenge by systematically looking into nature and other industries. Fraunhofer developed the research based XBIOPS® methodology that uses an engineering-biology database with over 9 million entries to create suitable directions idea generation that can be incorporated into the innovation process.

The benefits of a XBIOPS® Innovation Workshops

The workshop significantly increases the likelihood to find new, feasible solutions that can be implemented for technical / engineering challenges. The workshop enables you to utilize existing similar solutions for your specific challenge.

In a short time you can:

  • clarify your challenge and identify directions for innovation
  • use a research based approach to identify solutions from other industries and nature and incorporate it into the creative process
  • use the creaffective innovation methodology and the XBIOPS® research outcomes and develop suitable and workable solution concepts for your challenges

Elements of the workshop

The visualization below shows the entire process of a XBIOPS®-Innovation Workshop.


Based on the results of the preprational meeting we develop a tailor-made layout for the workshop to make sure that you will reach your goals.

Examples of previous challenges in Innovation Workshops

We facilitate 60–70 Innovation Workshops per year (for technical and non-technical challenges) for our customers around the world. Some examples include:

  • Developing a new generation of switchgear devices
    In a five days Innovation Workshop with technical experts, using the creaffective methodology Siemens developed concrete designs for a new generation of switchgear devices.
  • Developing new impact drills
    In a three days Innovation Workshop Bosch develop concrete technical designs for a new generation of impact drills for the Chinese market.
  • Jet Engine plating
    In a two days Innovation Workshop MTU developed a new process for plating jet engine parts.
  • Development of automobile door check straps
    In a two days Workshop Brose developed technical concepts for a new generation of door check straps.

Please contact us for further information: info@creaffective.de

Innovation Workshop: Siemens

New switch gear devices

In a five-day innovation workshop technical experts from Siemens used the creaffective methodology to create concrete and realizable designs for a new generation of switchgear devices.