Business model Innovation

for existing and new customers and markets

This facilitated workshop has the goal of innovating your existing business model or creating new possible models for your company, depending on whether you want to focus on existing customers and markets or completely new ones. Together with a sourcing group of experts selected by you we will together develop new solutions ready for implementation.

As facilitators we guide the group based on your requirements on the basis of a systematic process of innovation for business models.

Business Model Innovation – Benefits

Within a short time you will be able to analyse business models – first your own, then those of your competitors. Building on that new concepts for business models can be created. Our systematic process of business model innovation allows you to learn from globally successful business models and to quickly sketch various alternatives as a foundation for further development. We support you during the process by visualizing the concepts so that the underlying assumptions can be tested and verified as soon as possible.

Business Model Innovation – Elements

You find the entire process of a Business Model Innovation Workshop – from our first meeting through implementation to documentation – displayed in the following graphic.

Based on the results of the contracting meeting of the workshop we develop a process specifically tailored to your needs. This way we can ensure that you reach your goals. This includes any additional research as well as a selection and description of relevant succesful business models from other companies and industries.

We can also support you during the testing phase of the developed business model ideas after the workshop.


Examples of previous challenges

We facilitate 60 – 70 Innovation Workshops per year for our customers from all over the world. You will find some examples here. In addition to short descriptions of some of our Innovation Workshops you will also find detailed case studies. Simply click on a case study’s box.

  • Develop a competitive business model for the entry into a new market
    In a three-day workshop a consumer electronics company developed a new business model in order to enter the mid-range price segment of a developing country’s market.
  • New business 2020
    In 2012 creaffective supported an automobile supplier with their effort to develop new business models for the non-automotive area in order to reach the revenue goals of 2020 and gain indipendence from the automotive industry.
  • Providing solutions instead of components
    In a two-day workshop the producer of production machinery developed business model solutions for the change from a provider of components to a provider of ready-to-use production solutions.

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“Creativity needs space, but at the end there has to be a practical, viable result. creaffective managed to combine these two aspects during our Innovation Workshop in a professional yet entertaining manner. Within a very tight time frame it was possible to work out our priorities and plan the next steps.
Thank you for the outstanding support.”

Erich Palm, Vice President, Rommel GmbH , a subsidiary of Mühlbauer AG, Roding

Case Study business models

Within three days a global producer of electronics developed new business model concepts in one of our workshops.