Innovation Workshop with Siemens Energy

Development of switch gear devices

We conducted a five-day workshop with Siemens for the development of a new generation of switchgear devices.

The Challenge prior to the Innovation Workshop

A new law passed by the EU threatened the continuation of a very successful product. The operating principle had to be altered in a fundamental way in very short time to ensure the survival of the product.

Approach of the Innovation Workshop

The workshop began with five days of intensive preparation. Supported by a stakeholder from Siemens, creaffective conducted numerous interviews with various experts working for the Siemens Corporation.
After that, the five-day Innovation Workshop took place. On board were twelve participants from different Siemens business units that were in some way connected to the project. The team generated 300 ideas, sorting them according to originality, difficulty of implementation and content. The result: 20 concrete directions of innovative impact. In order to choose the best among them, an evaluation matrix was applied. According to explicit criteria, the field was reduced to five promising solutions. The complexity of the topic made it necessary to revisit the ideation step for each of the five ideas. Based on this second round of idea generation and our approach of systematic creativity, the team then developed realizable concepts.

Results of the Innovation Workshop

At the end of the Innovation Workshop the team held five concrete concepts with early technical details regarding the new operating principles. These concepts were presented to the management, which chose four of them for implementation. Four project teams were created and budgeted in order to further develop the respective concept until it was ready for introduction into the market.
Six months later, a review workshop was held. The two most promising of the four concepts were prioritized and pursued.

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“Six months of effective and creative guidance of our development project through creaffective have proven that professional and systematic support leads to strong results that make sense. A big thank you to our creaffective coach, who was always well prepared, selected the right tools and methods and guided our group very well.“

Günter Kachelrieß, Director Portfolio Management, Siemens AG