Innovation Workshop with MTU

New retirement and sabbatical models for HR-Management

In a two-day Innovation Workshop creaffective and MTU developed concepts for the department of strategic HR-Management.

The challenge prior to the Innovation Workshop

The search for high potentials, the commitment of the employees to the company and working with an aging staff were looming challenges for the traditional, production-oriented company MTU. For this reason MTU chose to work with creaffective in order to develop new models for sabbaticals and retirement in addition to existing solutions.

Approach of the Innovation Workshop

In preparing the Innovation Workshop as well as during the two days of the workshop itself a lot of data was accumulated. Of special importance were meetings with later users within MTU and the definition of the exact issue at hand.
The Innovation Workshop focused on two main questions: “How can we design a sabbatical model?” and “How can we allow for more flexibility regarding the time of retirement?” 160 ideas were generated, structured, evaluated and reduced to 21 most promising options. Four ideas were chosen according to more specific criteria and developed into concrete concepts using an iterative process.

Results of the Innovation Workshop

The four concepts were presented to the board of directors, which then mandated our sponsor with the implementation.

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“Already the preparation before the workshop was impressive. Through this intensive contracting and the right questions to ask our creaffective coach was able to prepare a successful 2-day’s workshop. Also during the workshop he managed through excellent facilitation to “get the group going”. When we saw the solutions in the end of the workshop it became clear to us why it was so important to take enough time to really clarify the problem before the workshop.”

Alexandra Schömmer, Projekt Manager HR, MTU AeroEngines GmbH, München