Innovation Workshop with Bosch

Entering a new market segment

creaffective and Bosch developed a solution for entering a new market segment.

The challenge prior to the Innovation Workshop

Bosch had established its power tools in the upper price segment of the Chinese market. More and more customers, however, bought products in the middle price segment, which was dominated by Chinese companies. The challenge was now to find ways for Bosch to enter this middle price segment without damaging its own brand identity and current product lines.

Approach of the Innovation Workshop

A team for a two-day Innovation workshop was created. It was made up of ten employees from different departments: product management, sales, marketing and production, all with a focus on Asia Pacific. The central issue was then defined. How can two different value propositions be created under one brand?
Using the creaffective methodology a great number of ideas were developed and evaluated. Instead of putting up the concepts against one another in competition, the team attempted to unite as many of them as possible. The result was special edition of power tools for the Chinese market. It differs in many ways from existing products, yet it also shows the same quality for which the name Bosch stands.

Result of the Innovation Workshop

The Innovation Workshop led to the creation of the so-called Tradesman Edition (T-Edition) and an action plan for the next six month with the goal of introducing the new edition to the market.
The introduction not only went according to plan, it overachieved. It had a “huge impact” on the market and met with such success that the CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) created an academic case study based on the T-Edition.