Creativity and Innovation Workshops

Systematically developing new ideas

Through this facilitated Innovation Workshop you and a group of preselected individuals will develop new and innovative solutions for your innovation challenges. The goal of the workshop can be the development of new products and services, both for existing as well as new markets and customer groups.

creaffective will lead the group as a facilitator according to your requirements. By using a systematic process of creative problem solving we will help you create a solution for your problem which you will be able to implement.

Innovation Workshop – Benefits

Within a limited time frame you will be able you to clearly define your challenge, to develop numerous ideas on how to deal with the problem or challenge and then, using these ideas as a starting point, develop a realizable solution that gives you a real added value.
Our innovation workshop will channel and structure the knowledge of a group of experts so that new solutions can be created. The workshop functions as a catalyst for the creative process of the group.

Innovation Workshop – Elements

You will find the entire process of our Innovation Workshop – from first contact through implementation to documentation – visualized in the following graphic.


Based on the results of the contracting meeting of the Innovation Workshop we will create a workshop design tailored to your needs to make sure that you will reach your goals.

Innovation Workshop – Examples of previous challenges

We facilitate 60 – 70 Innovation Workshops per year for our customers from all over the world. You will find some examples here. In addition to short descriptions of some of our Innovation Workshops you will also find detailed case studies. Simply click on a case study’s box.

  • Innovation Workshop: Development of a new generation of electrical tools
    In a three day innovation workshop a creaffective client developed designs for a new pneumatic hammer especially designed for the Asian market.
  • Innovation Workshop: Developing new measures for road safety
    In a two day’s workshop the advisory panel for road safety of Styria developed new measures to reduce accidents and to increase awareness for road safety.
  • Innovation Workshop: PR-Measures for an insurance company
    One of our customers developed new PR-Measures with the help of one of our Innovation Workshops.

The video shows 6 hours of an innovation workshop in fast-forward mode.

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“In an intensive three day workshop, with the help of creaffective and its creativity toolkit we were able to develop several truly new ideas for a challenging product request. Particularly helpful was the strong focus on problem definition in the first half of the workshop. This helped us to align the participants from different functions, and provided a solid basis for efficient idea generation and evaluation. All in all, our expectations were fully met, and we consider working with creaffective again.”

Dr. Falk Herrmann, VP Engineering Asia-Pacific, Bosch Power Tools (China)


“Our two day Product Innovation Workshop under the guidance of creaffective was definitely a success. creaffective was able to have a very diverse team of company internal and external people create a common understanding of the challenge they were facing and have them generate a wide range of ideas, some of them really creative and of high quality. Most impressively and importantly, was the fact that at the end of the 2 days, they guided the group to come to a real tangible result.”

André Stoppelenburg
Sartorius Intec
Vice President Marketing


“In two workshops the facilitator used very sophisticated methods to successfully analyze each problem. One workshop was about the development and improvement of internal processes, the other about the creation of a culture of constructive criticism. The end result in both cases: Concrete action steps and a common understanding within the team. With this facilitator and the creaffective methods we can tackle every challenge and break through any kind of innovation blockage.”

Nils van Well, Project manager, Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH

Innovation Workshop: Bosch

New market in Asia

In a two-day workshop the product marketing Asia Pacific of Bosch Power Tools developed solutions how to enter the mid price point market in China.

Innovation Workshop: MTU

Innovative HR management

In a two-day innovation workshop the strategic HR department of MTU developed new retirement and hiatus models responding to changes of demographics and attitudes in Germany.

Innovation Workshop: Siemens

New switch gear devices

In a five-day innovation workshop technical experts from Siemens used the creaffective methodology to create concrete and realizable designs for a new generation of switchgear devices.