Teambuilding Workshop – The Box

This teambuilding workshop is conducted over one day (9:00 – 17:30) and will be facilitated by an experienced creaffective trainer.

Target group

Entire teams that have a common goal or face a common challenge relevant to the entire team.

Workshop Goals

The workshop helps to achieve a number of goals.


  • reflect about and build their personal mental box in regards to the common challenge. The learn about their personal filters, limiting believes and motivation.
  • Learn to better understand their team members’ boxes and behaviours.
  • experience how our mental boxes influence the collaboration and communication of each person.
  • Learn and practice concrete approaches based on the common challenge how to think out of the box (individually and as a team). These approaches can be used immediatley after the workshop in daily work.

The Training supports participants to build a mindset of out-of-the-box thinkers.

Side effect of the workshop is that the group develops some real first ideas for their common challenge.

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Workshop contents


  • Introduction and warm-up
  • Introducing the common challenge / goals
  • Introducing „the Box“ tool
  • Building our own boxes from the outside and inside
  • Reflecting our boxes
  • Application of the box in a group


  • Introduction to and practic of a systematic creative process to think inside and outside the mental box.
  • Experience and practice basic principles of creative thinking: divergent and convergent thinking
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for the systematic generation of ideas
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for idea evaluation, idea selection and prototyping of ideas
  • Sharing Circle: How can we use what we have learned? Individually and as a team?
  • Next steps

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