Lean Innovation / Lean Startup

From idea to verified concept

This hands-on training shows you how to use lean innovation methods to quickly develop a first idea into a verified concept.
Lean innovation approaches can be used as part of and integrated into existing stage-gate processes and market research approaches.

Target Groups

Potential participants are individuals from various business units who have completed an initial ideation process and want to maintain and develop innovation practices though the entire product / service development cycle.

Individuals: Project Managers, Team Leaders, Heads of Department, Sales and Engineers.
To make sure that the training’s contents will be transferred to your organization and have an impact on team culture, the participants should be key players and decision makers in the product development process.

Teams: Ideally the teams will work together through the entire process


The training takes 1 day of introduction training and afterwards 3 hour meetings (online, or on premises) per week with our facilitators over a period of at least 2 months. Additional coaching can be booked upon request. Participant’s work will continue through the week as part of the product development work.


You will learn and practice the principles of Lean Innovation and Lean Startup of systematically testing and improving ideas. Innovation is not only about starting with great ideas, but about having a process to develop and implement those ideas quickly and with little resources.
During the training you will be applying these methods on your own ideas for products, services, processes or business models. You will test your ideas, gather research and apply these learnings to your idea.
Afterwards you are able to apply this lean-innovation mindset and system to day-to-day work so that you and your team are building innovative products that customers want.

Elements of the training

Many innovative companies are using Lean Innovation and Lean Startup methods to create the most innovative offerings. They all have various forms of this process, but certain principles hold true. These principles form the core of our trainings.

  • Build products for customers. Constantly observe your customers to gain deep insights into your developing products.
  • Have an effective creative process. Sharing, brainstorming, learning and creating tests form the basis of a safe and healthy creative process.
  • Test and measure your products. Quickly implement your learnings. Every feature, no matter how small can increase your customer’s love of your offering. Constantly test and gain more data on your ideas.

Contents this lean innovation training

  • Introduction to the process of embedding lean innovation
  • Building great ideas
  • Supporting and collecting evidence for ideas
  • How to do customer development interviews
  • How to do prototype testing
  • How to test value propositions
  • Researching into market and technology
  • How to present learnings
  • Collecting and processing learnings and brainstorming of solutions
  • Deciding on the next steps
  • The culture of building great products: dos and don’ts
  • Leadership is creating the environment and process

Methods and means

  • Interactive presentation
  • Real-life customer interviews
  • Real-life testing of prototypes and value propositions
  • Coaching: Weekly meeting: sharing learnings
  • Coaching: Weekly meeting: brainstorming
  • Coaching: Weekly meeting: planning next tests
  • Preparation and follow up

The precise needs of the participants will be covered in a first call before the actual training.
The training will be digitally documented afterwards and made accessible to all participants.
The training includes a detailed handout with a description of all contents as well as the creativity techniques used during the training.

Please contact us for further information: info@creaffective.de