Idea Selling Training

The training is conducted over one day (9:00 – 17:30) with a maximum number of 12 participants. The training will be facilitated by an experienced creaffective trainer.

Training Goals

The goal of this training is to learn the skills and tools to

  • Present ideas in engaging and convincing ways
  • Create buy-in for your ideas and convince others
  • Systematically improve your ideas to increase the likelihood of success

Training Contents & Agenda

  • Understand your target group: Whom are you trying to convince?
  • Systematically evaluate and improve ideas
  • Looks at your idea from different perspectives: Needs, Benefits, Approach, Competition
  • Exploring acceptance inside and outside the organization: Assisters & Resisters
  • Pitching ideas, how to create a convincing presentation
  • Present and bring across core arguments in a short time


  • Interactive presentation
  • Individual exercises
  • Partner exercises
  • Applying all methods on real ideas

Participant prerequisites

  • Every training participant must have a concrete project / idea / concept that he wants to work on and convince others of.
    This idea must be brought to the training for practice.
  • Participants will be working on their idea during the training day

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