Business Model Innovation Training

Develop new business models

A business models describes how an organization creates a value proposition, how this value proposition is delivered to the customer and how value is created from this process. A part of a business model are the products and services offered by the company.
Especially product- and technology-driven companies usually do not focus on business models. There are, however, many opportunities to create more value for a company by developing new or modified business models instead of only focusing on products or technology.
Furthermore many cost-down attempts in competitive markets are not to be solved by tweaking the product itself but by changing the business model.

This training serves as an introduction to the topic and provides some first hand experience.

Business Model Innovation Training – Target group

Managers and other employees responsible for innovation who seek the opportunity to change existing business models as well as create new ones, either for existing customers and markets or for new ones.

Business Model Innovation Training – Duration

The training takes one days.

Business Model Innovation Training – Benefits

The participants learn and experience methods and approaches to describe and visualize existing business models and to generate ideas for new business models.

Business Model Innovation Training – Contents

  • Products, services and business models – how are they connected? How are they different?
  • What is a business modell? Developing a common language
  • Different levels of innovation: Product, process and business model
  • Implications of business model innovation
  • Different kinds of business models
  • Examples of business model innovation from various countries and industries
  • Introduction to methods and concepts for analyzing, visualizing and creating business models
  • Visualizing your own business model
  • Visualizing an external business model
  • Ideate and iterate new business models applying different business model tools

Business Model Innovation Training – Methods and means

  • Interactive presentation
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Group feedback

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