Co-Creation at the Innovation Camp

Working with ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

The world of television is characterized by quickly changing user habits, new technologies and completely new adjacent markets and business models. For those working in this field, innovation is more than just a fashionable term. That is why ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG regularly conducts Innovation Camps in cooperation with creaffective to find new solutions. One of those took place in March 2013.

Initial situation

The goal of this Innovation Camp was to answer the question how the company could use its key capability – to create emotions through motion picture – to successfully create new digital business models.

Approach of the Innovation Camp

The nine participants consisted of six representatives from ProSiebenSat.1 Media and three participants from creaffective, in parts supported by graphic designers at the end of the project. The Camp began with one day of preparatory training in order to create a common base by experiencing the method of user-centered innovation on the basis of an example topic.
Subsequently the team went through the user-centered Design Thinking innovation process which was divided into several blocks of two to three days spread over two months. Short breaks were provided before the steps “user observation” and “idea generation” due to the necessary amount of preparation.

Synthesizing 18 observations and user / company visits of interactions with internal and external stakeholders, experts and consumers, the team identified three key innovation directions. In intensive brainstorming sessions almost 400 ideas were created on the basis of these three innovation directions. About 20 ideas were considered promising and made it into the next round.
Within two days the Innovation Camp team developed four concrete and detailed solutions.

Result of the Innovation Camp

The four solutions consisted of a product presentation, the underlying business model and a plan for the first steps of implementation. The concepts were presented to the board of directors which chose three of the four projects for implementation.
The results of the Innovation Camp were rewarded by ProSiebenSat.1 Media with their All Stars Award in 2013.

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“The Innovation Camp with creaffective is an effective and attractive way for us to develop new solutions to important challenges of the company within a short span of time, while also strengthening our innovation culture.”

Bettina Hörmann
Head of Human Resources Training