Combining different perspectives

With our co-creation approach we connect different stakeholders and knowledge carrier in order to create new and innovative solutions.

Co-creating innovation

Who are these stakeholders and knowledge carrier? They can be your own customers, your sales partners, your employees, our creaffective Innovation Coaches as well as external experts of various disciplines. Having such an interdisciplinary team work on your challenge allows you to overcome blind spots in your company’s internal perspective and think out of the box. At the same time the probabily of truly new and orginal ideas increases dramatically. Working together allows the various participants to network and share their expertise and knowledge with everyone else. Newly created knowledge can then be brought back into your company.

Acting in concert

Due to the integration of the most important stakeholders you also have future opinion leaders and implementers lining up behind the idea, thereby increasing acceptance and the probability of implementation.
Our methods of guiding the innovation process and our experience allows us to facilitate heterogeneous groups. Ideas are not spawned by and credited to single individuals, it is the entire group that generates, identifies and develops the best solutions possible.

Our expertise

Our coaches can play one of two roles when co-creating solutions:

  • Facilitation
    The Facilitator guides the creative effort, always keeps an eye on the entire process as well as group dynamics and makes sure that all work is on target. The advantage of working with a facilitator is that you don’t have to deal with the structure and process of the innovation effort. Instead you can focus all your energy on the content.
  • Innovation expert
    Through our consulting we have accumulated many years of experience in different industries such as media companies, engineering companies or financial service providers. These valuable insights can be transferred to other areas of business activity and other business models. Additionally, every one of our Coaches brings his or her background to the table. We all have different academic training, interests and unique perspectives. As innovation experts we give input, generate ideas, offer advice and contribute to the overall innovation effort.

Co-Creation, from first ideas to implementation

In cooperation with our partners in software development and product design we can co-create not only ideas but also innovative products ready for implementation. Employees of our partner companies can be part of the interdisciplinary team and use their expertise to support the development of the concept. This way they have a better understanding of the though process behind the concept as well as the customer needs that were used as a starting point for idea generation. Ideas and concepts will not have to be “re-tooled” for implementation but can be used for prototyping, validation and production seamlessly.

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Uncovering potential

Using the Dynamic Facilitation method we allow stakeholders to engage in open, productive discussions in order to uncover hidden potential within your company.