Customer insights from Generation Y

Understanding future car customers

Prior to one of our Innovation Workshop we conducted a qualitative user observation with members of the Generation Y for the automotive industry supplier ZF Friedrichshafen.

The goal of the workshop was the development of a solution for a central challenge of ZF (since the project is still ongoing we cannot reveal any specific details). One very important building block was an improved understanding of the wishes, motivations and needs of the members of Generation Y regarding mobility and mobility services in the near future.

15 qualitative interviews

In coordination with the customer, creaffective developed an interview design for qualitative, partially structured interviews with members of Generation Y.

A catalogue encompassing about 30 aspects served as the foundation for meetings between our Innovation Coaches and 15 members of Generation Y, with each interview lasting for one hour. All of the interview participants were identified and recruited by creaffective. This way we could make sure to have an even mix of urban and rural participants as well as a mix of male and female interview partners.

Visualized user insights

We compressed and visualized the interview data gained into a number of central key insights. These were then used as a foundation for a first discussion with the workshop participants and the idea generation throughout the workshop.

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