Understanding user needs

Innovation Project for the Deutsche Post AG

The business unit physical dialogue marketing of the Deutsche Post AG asked creaffective for Custom Innovation Support focusing on the problem definition step.
The goal of the still ongoing project is to develop innovative changes for an existing product and its relevant customer group. For this purpose, a project team made up of five creaffective consultants was created.

Initial situation

The question to be answered was why B2B customers did not use the product more often even though the market itself was growing. Ensuing from this question the goal was to develop innovation directions and possible changes that could be made to offer even more value to the target group and bind them to the proposition of the Deutsche Post AG.

Approach during the Innovation Project

At the start of the Innovation Project we conducted a one-day workshop with representatives from customers of Deutsche Post to gather background information and questions in order to create a broad knowledge base for the project team. We also specified which customer groups and stakeholders along the value chain would be observed and interview using qualitative methods.

The main part of the Innovation Project consisted of these qualitative observations and meetings with 30 representatives along the entire value chain. The meetings and interactions lasted for several hours and focused on end customers, i.e. those who would hold the product in their hands as well as business customers of Deutsche Post. A variety of qualitative methods from the field of Consumer Understanding were used.

After collecting insights we entered a process lasting several days to flesh out innovation directions for Deutsche Post AG.

Results of the project

The project resulted in seven innovation directions on how Deutsche Post could offer its business customers even more value and bind them to their proposition.
These seven solution proposals are based on a clear, comprehensible and visualized analysis of the entire observation process.

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