Custom Innovation Support

Impulse for your innovative strength

A common problem in many companies is the internal “tunnel vision” that blocks the view on alternatives to the status quo and new potentials. Sometimes a company’s own strength is not enough to overcome structural barriers and create lasting innovation. This is especially true when the challenges are complex and daily business is consuming a company’s resources.

At this point our custom innovation support comes into play: Deliberate impulses from the outside lead to positive change and increase competitiveness. External ideas and concepts as well as insights into customer needs bring a fresh perspective into the company. Perceiving one’s own structures and processes through an external lense can also offer enourmous potential for innovation. We offer you new solutions within a short period of time so that you do not have to commit precious resources for the innovation process itself. Our approach is applicable in different areas:

  • Product innovation
  • Service innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Organizational and process innovation

Gain customer Insights

Every new solution is only durable when it was developed with the user in mind. No matter whether you target end consumers, business customers or your own employees: Every kind of offering has a user, and the user is always the departing point for innovation. Gaining customer insights means understanding the thinking of your customers. Unsatisfied customer needs offer the biggest potential for innovation. At the same time the insights can greatly improve existing value propositions. In order to gain these insights we use qualitative market research methods. Interview techniques developed for ethnographic research and observation are applied and show known as well as unknown needs, worries and wishes of your customers. We visualize the results and prepare them in such a way that you can immediately use them in your daily work.

Ready-to-use solutions

We also support you with the subsequent elaboration. All of our services lead to tangible, viable results. In the areas of software development and consumer product development we use qualified partners for further development. The combination of their expertise and our knowledge regarding innovation processes enables the creation of first prototypes as a foundation for the roll-out.

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Customer Insights from the Generation Y

creaffective conducted user observation for ZF Friedrichshafen in order to better understand members of Generation Y.

Customer Insights DPAG

creaffective conducted an Innovation Project on Customer Insights for Deutsche Post AG. Read more about the key challenge and the project’s approach.