Innovation Facilitator Training


The training is conducted over five days (9:00 – 17:30) with a maximum number of 6 participants for one trainer. If two trainers are used, then up to 12 people can be trained in one training batch.

What is a facilitator?

A facilitator is a neutral person who supports a group of people in a structured and methodical way to create solutions to complex open-ended problems, such as the development of new products, processes, services and business models. A facilitator catalyzes the thinking and collaboration process of the group using structured tools and approaches.
He is completely neutral to the content and should NOT be the person who will have to implement or work on the solution found at the end of the process.

Training Goals

After the training the participants will be able to:

  • Use a process of creative thinking and idea generation to facilitate creativity and innovation workshops to help groups to develop new and workable solutions to important challenges.
  • Use creativity in a systematic way to come up with new ideas and solutions as individual and as part of a team.
  • Positively influence the process of how a team works together and increase the chances for new solutions to be created.
  • Increase the effectiveness and productivity of groups trying to find new solutions for important challenges.
  • Diagnose the situation of a client or group and help them to clarify their situation and phrase challenges for creating new ideas.
  • Prepare an innovation workshop together with a client and consult the client before an innovation workshop takes place.
  • Support Bosch in being more innovative.

What participants will not be able to do after the training

  • Participants will not be trainers for innovation trainings – they will not be able to train other people.
  • Participants might need some support / coaching for their first workshops from an experienced facilitator before they can facilitate workshops completely independent
  • In general: Participants should not facilitate innovation workshops and take part on the content side at the same time (double role).

Who should attend this training – prerequisites

Critical criteria

The participant should:

  • Have some previous work experience in BSH
  • Have or be provided with time resources to facilitate workshops after the training
  • Have the permission from his / her superiors to facilitate workshops for groups other then his own team (a facilitator should not be part in the content).
  • feel comfortable in speaking in front of groups from all hierarchies
  • have enthusiasm for innovation and creativity

Nice to have criteria

The participant should:

  • have experience in innovation endeavors
  • have experience in facilitation

Training Methods

  • Interactive presentation
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Working in a large group and applying the creative problem solving process to a real topic chosen by the participants
  • 3 hour practice facilitation of each participant.

Training Agenda

Day 1 – methods and approaches to innovation facilitation – Part 1

Background information on creativity and innovation
Principles of systematic creativity
Learn meta-cognitive skills necessary for innovation
Get to know a systematic process of developing innovative ideas and solutions.
Get to know a number of techniques that can be applied along the creative process
Experience and practice the innovation process on a first real challenge provided by the participant group

Day 2 – methods and approaches to innovation facilitation – Part 2
Experience and practice the innovation process to real challenges
Learn how to clarify a challenge
Learn how to generate ideas
Learn how to evaluate and strengthen ideas into feasible solutions
Learn how to prepare the implementation of solution

Day 3
Learn how to facilitate an innovation workshop
Preparation of a workshop: Contracting with the client
Setting up an innovation workshop
Group dynamics
Practice facilitations of each participant with feedback and debrief (3 hours) – Round 1

Day 4
Advanced knowledge and tools for innovation facilitators
Practice facilitations of each participant with feedback and debrief (3 hours)– Round 2
The climate for creativity and innovation

Day 5
Advanced knowledge on workshop preparation
Practice facilitations of each participant with feedback and debrief (3 hours)– Round 3
Document and follow up a workshop
Review the learnings
Wrap up and next steps

Additional Service

Coaching and Supervision During First Innovation Workshop Facilitations

  • After participants have been trained in the Innovation Moderator Training they should get facilitation opportunities with real workshops as soon as possible.
  • For the first workshops it makes sense to
  • co-facilitate the workshop with an experienced facilitator
  • get feedback and coaching from and experienced facilitator

Therefore creaffective can support the trained facilitators during their first workshops during the preparation phase and especially while facilitating. This can either be as an active co-facilitator or as a coach in the background. This ensures that the first workshops run smoothly and are successful and that the trainee can overcome possible obstacles he faces. Furthermore this provides further learning and training for the trainee.

This service can be requested on a demand basis. Please contact us for further information: