Our Values and Purpose

Our Values

Creative Thinking
For us creative thinking means we have to question conventional wisdom and we never consider an existing solutions as without alternatives. We promote this way of thinking within as well as oustide of our
We support our clients to develop alternative courses of action. Our staff has the freedom to influence and determine how they reach a given goal. As a company we choose our work depending on whether or not it fits with our values and self-conception.
Transparent and fair interaction with employees and customers
We offer all our clients the same conditions and prices. We do not bargain or barter.
Internal decisions are being explained and discussed openly. All opinions are heard and all perspectives considered. Everyone at creaffective has full access to the financial planning of the company. Salaries are transparent and calculated according to a transparent formula.

Our Purpose

We are an innovation consulting company located in Munich, Germany. We support organizations to develop their internal structures, innovation culture and creative processes in a way that they are able to create innovative solutions and adapt to changing circumstances. We consult around the topics of innovation and organization, help customers to develop new solutions in facilitated workshops and through project coaching and build new competencies through our trainings.

(Deutsch) Innovationen stärken

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(Deutsch) Kreativität ermöglichen

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