Co-Creation Approach

Our Co-Creation approach means that an innovation project team consists of members from your company as well as creaffective consultants. Internal and external participants go through an innovation process together and develop new products, services and business models. The Co-Creation approach has a number of advantages over conventional approaches for consulting and innovation projects.

Traditional innovation projects not using a Co-Creation approach normally only take into consideration one of the relevant aspects (internal structures, internal potential, external know how) when developing new solutions.


Distinction from conventional approaches to bring about new solutions into an organization

We are convinced that there is an added value for customers to apply our Co-Creation approach. The approach differs from conventional approaches to bring about new solutions into an organization.


Classic consulting instead of Co-Creation

External know how helps to break through old thinking patterns and structures. External consultants bring in business and method know how, but they often do not adequately take into consideration the internal structures and ideas. This insufficient integration of employees from the client often leads to unrealistic expectations towards external consultants (“reinvent the wheel”).

Top Down Change

Changes that are triggered by top management are often faster and may break through cross-departmental conflicts that stifle innovation. In many cases, however, the implementation of these changes fails because employees do not identify sufficiently with the solution and do not support its implementation accordingly.

Internal ideas

In most organizations there are a lot of good ideas building on existing knowledge and the general framework of the organization. For various reasons these ideas do not make it to the decision makers or decision makers cannot be convinced. Without a management sponsor these ideas are never implemented.

Co-Creation approach for Innovation

Our Co-Creation approach takes into consideration the three central aspects (internal structures, internal potential and external know how) in a balanced way: The combination of internal and external experts to form an innovation team leads to a higher chance to come to new solutions that can really be implemented by the organization. The structured innovation process creates a better basis for the client to decide in favor or against certain solutions. This increases the likelihood for innovation projects to be successful.


Think Tank

In addition to our Co-Creation approach we also built a Think Tank with experts to support our team during Innovation Projects.
Depending on the goal and the content of an innovation project we select a suitable expert from our think tank to complement the team and supply additional know how.

Our specialists to support us in innovation projects are from different areas and industries. For example:

  • IT/Software development
  • Real estate
  • Corporate Finance
  • Automotive
  • Banking and insurance
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Risk management and controlling
  • Graphic design

If you are interested in becoming part of your pool of experts you find additional information regarding the criteria and application process here.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.