The Context of Innovation

New ideas often arise when you move closer to or even beyond the limits of your discipline. Innovation is created through the exchange of ideas between people with different points of view and perceptions.
Through our events „The context of Innoavation“ we bring together stakeholders of a single context so they can share observations, trends and experiences in a moderated exchange of ideas. Together the probability for Innovation can be greatly increased and every participant benefits through the exchange.
All participants and company representatives are personally invited in order to ensure a functional composition of the group.
After every participant shared his insights, creaffective leads the group through a facilitation process and thereby sketches out innovation directions for various stakeholders. These directions can be used by the companies involved to create their own innovation projects.

We have defined several possible contexts that will be featured in our events over the next few months. Some examples are:

  • Life at home
  • Mobility
  • Health