Industrial Espionage versus Business Intelligence, part 2

In our last article on the subject, we talked about the threat of industrial espionage in general and how important it is for companies to protect sensitive information.

Based on the “Recommendation on Business Intelligence and Fighting Industrial Espionage”, a report prepared by the Security Management Research Committee of BUTE, acquisition of the information may be categorized as follows:
Categories of business information

As we can see the categorization strongly differentiates between black, gray, and white business intelligence, based on the nature of how the information is obtained. While industrial spying is illegal and unethical, business intelligence (also many times referred to as competitive intelligence, or competitor intelligence) operates on a legal and ethical basis.

According to investigations on industrial espionage 70-90% of the valuable business information collected were found to be legally accessible for anyone (falling into the white category).

This has several important implications for companies, which we will discuss in the next blog article.

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