29 02, 2016

Industrial Espionage vs Business Intelligence, part 3

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In our last blog article on this subject we saw that there are different types of application – in terms of its legal aspect – of business intelligence, and that white – in other words lawfully available - sources of information are free to use. These sources take up 70-90% of all business information even in the cases of industrial espionage. This has several important implications for companies. Be aware of information leakage In many cases companies do not recognize the importance of filtering information flow. Small pieces of information, which seem not to be worth worrying about, could add [...]

10 02, 2016

Industrial Espionage versus Business Intelligence, part 2

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In our last article on the subject, we talked about the threat of industrial espionage in general and how important it is for companies to protect sensitive information. Based on the “Recommendation on Business Intelligence and Fighting Industrial Espionage”, a report prepared by the Security Management Research Committee of BUTE, acquisition of the information may be categorized as follows: As we can see the categorization strongly differentiates between black, gray, and white business intelligence, based on the nature of how the information is obtained. While industrial spying is illegal and unethical, business intelligence (also many times referred to as competitive [...]

27 01, 2016

Industrial Espionage versus Business Intelligence, part 1

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To gain further market penetration, and to avoid market loss, companies have to nurture their competitiveness. In order to react to market changes in a timely matter, to adapt to them, or even to influence them, one has to continuously keep track of the changes in the market and business environment, and to analyze the reasons behind them. The screening, gathering, processing and analysis of resourceful, relevant data needed for making sound business decisions is the field of business intelligence. Before we jump to conclusions and envision James Bond, we have to clarify the concepts of business intelligence and industrial [...]

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