Based on the findings and results of the surveys and reports introduced in the previous parts of the blog series on Industrial Espionage versus Business Intelligence, there are a few important consequences for the market stakeholders. Let us finally draw some conclusions:

  • All companies, but especially creative and innovative ones, should be able to analyze and recognize the sources and directions of threats regarding industrial espionage. Also, they should be able to recognize the importance of making preventive steps towards securing their worthwhile business assets. As we can see, in most cases it takes a three-fold approach to protect our business assets, comprising of security (procedural), technical (IT), and legal (procedural and legal) components. Additionally, auditing a firm from a security point of view and building a system is not enough. The system has to be run, maintained and safeguarded continuously.
  • Learning about the informal and formal procedures as well as structures to gain protection on genuine creations and sensitive business data is not a financial question, but rather a mental decision. Checking through the processes and everyday operations of R+D, internal and external communication, marketing, and HR processes (among others), analyzing them from a security point of view, and introducing safeguarding standards and routines are merely a question of dedication and time.
  • Learning about the options a company has in relation to protecting its intellectual creations is also a non-financial question.
  • There are many ways of safeguarding our valuable but intangible business assets. It is not just a tool for protecting them from being stolen, but also a strategic business tool to commercialize them – in other words, make non-productive business assets create value.
  • The repertoire of intellectual property protection is wide; every firm may be able to cherry pick the optimal structure best fitting to its individual needs. It may introduce measures of informal protection, like confidentiality, know-how protection, and copyright as well as obtain formal protection, like trademarks, design protection, or patents.

Though creaffective is not a security consultancy, it supports spreading, sustaining and supporting the culture of innovation, and offers intellectual property protection as part of this portfolio. To learn more on the new services of creaffective targeting business intelligence, read more about how we support commercialization efforts regarding intellectual property.